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Congratulations to Diane! Her choral number for women, Look to God and Live! (SSA) was given an Award of Special Recognition at the 2015 LDS Church Music Submission Awards in the Relief Society category.

LDS Living Magazine has named our site as one of The Five Best Websites for Free LDS Sheet Music. Thank you LDS Living Magazine!

"Abide in Me, O Love of God, Abide!" by Toni Thomas, was given Special Recognition at the 2014 LDS Church Music Submission Awards in the hymn text category.


DEC 25

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Diane Tuiofu & Toni Thomas have been providing free sheet music to the LDS/ Christian community since 1985.

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We're glad you stopped by! Here you will find free LDS sheet music by Toni Thomas and Diane Tuiofu. We have music for all occasions, for Mormon and other Christian use. Most of our music is quite suitable for Sacrament Meeting or other worship services.

Nearly all of the music on this site is available for free download. Please feel free to copy the sheet music and disseminate for home, church, or other non-commercial use. If you would like to obtain permission for other uses of our music or programs, including recording or professional performing, please contact us HERE.


I Sing of Christ!

Here is a lovely rendition of "I Sing of Christ," beautifully performed by Jackie Weitz and Stephanie Dietz, with Angeline Branson on violin and Stephanie Thomas on piano. Recorded at Spicemix Studios. You can find the music HERE.

If You Could Hie to Kolob for Violin and Viola (or two violins)

"If You Could Hie to Kolob" is a beautiful instrumental arrangement of the traditional hymn favorite. Whether two violins, violin and viola, or some other combination, this powerful arrangement will add inspiration to any setting.


Now Available–Minus Tracks!

We've received numerous requests lately for minus tracks (accompaniment recordings) for our music of late. So we've decided to make available the ones we have. The latest is a piano accompaniment for "Watch with Me."


When you see small red MT next to a song, you'll know that the minus track is available. You will find a link for downloading the file on the page for each song. To download the file, just "right-click" on the link and it should download to your computer.


Now Is the Hour for Faith Not Fear

This new SATB hymn gives reassurance in difficult times that God has not forgotten us, that He is all powerful, and wise, and things will work to our welfare as we trust in Him..


I Sing of Christ!

“I Sing of Christ!” is a new song of praise and worship for Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Written for women's voices, the song offers consolation and encouragement as it affirms the comforting power of the atonement, and the “wings of grace that shelter me,” and “peace that grants my soul reprieve.” Perfect for any worship service or other Christ-centered event.


Women of Faith

This new song for women's voices is a tribute to the many women—our mothers, our grandmothers, our pioneering female leaders—who have by their faithful lives and charitable works lead the way for women of faith to follow today. This song won an Award of Merit in the Relief Society Division of the 2012 LDS Music Submissions Awards.



Want to hear the stories behind the songs? Many of the songs available for free download include links to our blog that give the story behind the writing of the music.


is the official blog of Tuiofu and Thomas Music, where you can learn more about our music, and what inspired it.


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